What is "antakrana"?


Antakrana (pronounced like it's actual spelling "antakarana") is a sanskrit term meaning "inner cause". The antakarana is the inner cause that drives you towards your life purpose. It is the bridge between the thinking egoic mind and the higher creative mind, or soul.

The more developed your antakarana, the more easily you access insight, self-awareness, and creativity. Your antakarana guides you in your unique life purpose.

You develop your antakarana by a continuous practice of releasing limiting thoughts and fears from your conditioned thinking mind. Past experiences create beliefs about yourself and the world. These beliefs create filters that color your perception of "truth".

The more you remove these false perceptions, the more clearly and objectively you see yourself, other people, and the world. This clarity results in greater insight, self-awareness, and creativity. This process builds your antakarana. The more you do it, the stronger your antakarana becomes.

The Antakrana system is a interactive energy healing tool which develops your antakarana. It helps you identify and release subconscious limiting thoughts and fears. Regular use of the Antakrana system results in greater clarity, increased self-awareness, improved motivation and creativity, and a stronger sense of your life purpose.


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