Frequently Asked Questions

questionsmanQ:  The first article of clothing I picked had a statement that didn't seem relevant to me, but the later ones did.    Why?

A: Sometimes it's hard to see ourselves as we are, at least at first. The self-asssesment tool navigates you through the unconscious patterns that are blocking you. These patterns may at first be hard to recognize. As you continue with the coaching process, the patterns become clearer. As they change from unconscious to conscious, the blocks dissolve with your growing self-awareness and no longer hold you back..

Q:  Why do I need to know about these "unconscious patterns"?    How can this help me?

A: These unconscious patterns cause you to divert your creative power in directions that may feel good in the moment but do not serve your long term goals. As you become conscious of these currently unconscious patterns, you will be able to release their hold on you. When you take back your power you gain the ability to direct it consciously to create what you want in your life.

Q. Isn't coaching all about making sure I get things done? How will Antakrana help me achieve my goals?

A.  Antakrana goes beyond other forms of coaching. It is not just about "to do" lists and making sure you get things done. Yes, those things are part of it. Antakrana works at your subconscious level to get rid of the obstacles that stand between you and what you want. What are those obstacles? Your self-doubts are obstacles. For example, you might doubt you can have a loving relationship. You may doubt that you can be a powerful and supportive team player. If you hold those doubts, you will repel a powerful partnership from showing up in your life. If making money is your goal but you doubt that you can be a powerful person, you will subconsciously avoid having a lot of money.

It really is this simple: What we put out, we tend to get back in some form or other. As we put a more positive, confident quality of energy out into the world, we attract people and things with that that same positive confident energy. When you clear your fears and doubts, you go higher and you attract better things . More and better synchronicities start happening and good things show up in surprising and organic ways. Antakrana is simply about "getting out of your own way."

Q. How often do I need to have a session to see results?

A. You will see immediate results in terms of renewed confidence and optimism each time you complete a session. However, the real changes are those that that happen in your life. These results build over time. The more you release doubt, the more you attract what you want. Releasing doubt frees your energy so you naturally take action towards your goal. You will become measurably more productive when you use the system on a regular basis. The more you use the Antakrana process, the faster you will progress. Having two coaching sessions per week will quickly bring significant positive change to your life. You'll see it in yourself and others will see it in you as well.

Q:  How long does a typical session take?

A; This will vary a lot depending on the issue and the person. For most people, 25 to 45 minutes is usually enough time to fully complete a session.

Q:  How do I know that I have completed my session?

A: There are three different ways of knowing when you have fully completed a session. Either: 1) You feel better, more positive. Your issue no longer feels like an issue.  Or: 2) When you think about your issue, your mind is now quiet and you see what needs to be done.  Or: 3) You gain new perspective into the issue that makes you view it as no longer an issue.

Q:  What if I don't have time to finish a session?   Will it still benefit me?

A: The coaching process will always bring some benefit in terms of positive energy and increased well-being. If you can't complete a session, simply come back to it later. You can always review your journal to see what your thoughts were when you left off.

Q:  I can't see my most recent entry on my journal review page. How do I get to it?

A: To re-set your journal review page to the most current entry, log out, then log in again.  Then click on Review My Journal. The most current entry will now be displayed.



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