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A Great Business Tool, A Personal Coach in Your Back Pocket

"It took me a while to subscribe - I didn't want to pay the money, I didn't think it would make a difference, I didn't trust myself to use it regularly.  Really, I was just stopping myself from making progress. When I use it regularly I am more focused and productive. I am less likely to get distracted when working toward a goal. I find it to be a great business tool.  It  can get me out of a "stuck" place... I like that it is available to me at any time. It is a great way to focus my energy when I am starting a project, or even when I'm simply starting my day. And I feel better after I do it.... I love the clear statement of the inner conflict. It helps me see where I need to find more balance. I also like the coaching statements. They are general enough to to be applicable across a variety of situations, but specific enough to feel like I am doing personal work that is relevant on a deep level." 

"I absolutely recommend the Inner Wealth system!  Who wouldn't want to have a personal coach in their back pocket - ready whenever they need a boost. It's such a great way to clear away the negativity or "fog" that keeps you stuck in one place."

Carrie Todd, MFT,  Psychotherapist

Greater Confidence, Better Self-Awareness, and Improved MickpictureSelf Esteem

"As a result of using the Inner Wealth system, I better understand my most cherished life values and ideals as well as their importance. Consequently, I better understand how to actualize these values and ideals in my life...  It provides a 'structured' approach that helps 'narrow' your focus, in a systematic way, as you go through the coaching process. You thus get a better understanding of the core issues you are struggling with, often on an unconscious level.  As a result, you have improved self - esteem and self - confidence;  you have greater self - awareness and insight...you better understand the unconscious determinants that often 'drive' your behaviors, attitudes and feelings.  

"I wholeheartedly recommend the Inner Wealth system for anyone who could benefit from increased self - awareness , improved self - esteem and enhanced understanding of the unconscious factors driving their behaviors, attitudes and feelings. I am impressed by the quality of the product. Increased self - esteem, improved self - awareness and enhanced understanding of one's unconsciously - driven behaviors, attitudes and feelings, at a very affordable price, is quite an accomplishment!"                         

Michael Zulli, PhD, Psychologist



An Insightful Tool for Healing and Self-Empowerment

"As a non-user, I initially had doubts that this could be effective... I was really surprised at how accurately the energy assessment zeroed in on what was really going on for me, below the surface. It revealed my 'blocks' and showed me the steps I could take to remedy them.  I was surprised at how the items of clothing I picked pointed directly to the issues I was dealing with, and revealed my unconscious fears and concerns about those issues. I found I was able to clearly see and acknowledge those fears, and then dissolve them.  I enjoyed the method of intuitively selecting clothing items and colors as a way of accessing my unconscious mind. It was a fun way of honing in on what was really going on, deep inside."

"I highly recommend the Inner Wealth System.  It's a very economical way of getting reliable help and support in dealing with issues. - it's very readily available, 24/7, whenever I feel a need to use it - it feels very self-empowering to have a tool I can use on myself to help me move through difficulties... It's a very insightful and accurate tool for healing and self-empowerment that's extremely affordable. It's an extremely creative and well-designed tool for self-empowerment!"

Sahina Grinczer,  Meridian Tapping (EFT) Practitioner

A Fresh Perspective, More Optimistic and Hopeful kirstenillpic

"I was intrigued by the concept of the Inner Wealth System, due to having previously experienced positive benefits with Emotional Freedom Technique. I enjoyed the journal component of the website, as it helped me observe concrete mental and emotional improvements with each session."

"What I most liked about the Antakrana process was the fact that it gave me a fresh perspective on the topics I was addressing. Each session left me feeling more optimistic and hopeful. I have recommended the Inner Wealth System to a number of people who seek my chiropractic services. I think addressing the emotional component of our well-being is vital, and I'm glad to have this system as a resource to share."

Dr. Kirsten Hill, Owner, Dance With Life Chiropractic




Goes Beyond an Intellectual Approach 

"I was motivated to try the Inner Wealth System because I wanted to get some clarity on a business issue. I found that it helped me clear my mind so I could focus on the real issue. Many times when I'm stressed my mind gets cloudy with extraneous thoughts. I found that when I used this what I needed to do became clearer and the ability to focus on the real issue stayed with me..It was a fun process to select the clothing items that helped lead me to the issue. I found that the clarity I received stayed with me in a very visceral way. It goes beyond an intellectual approach and addresses the underlying emotional aspects of an issue."

"I would recommend this to business people to help them deal with the nonalytical and emotional aspects of business issues. As a business owner, I know many business issues can have an emotional component that is not always obvious. This tool helps to harmonize the emotional and intellectual components of an issue so that they can be seen more clearly and addressed more effectively."

Dick Drossler, Owner, Lawrence Fine Arts Services


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