A Coach Talks About Antakrana

Debra Payne

What would be the obstacle in your mind--if there was one-- that would have prevented you from investing in Antakrana ?

I get caught up in the idea that I don't have time to do things like this. I am always afraid of investing in something and then not using it. I've done that before and lost money. However, once I looked into Antakrana, I realized it doesn't take very much time at all to do a session.  Plus, the time invested in doing a few sessions pays off immensely.

What do you find as a result of using Antakrana ?

Antakrana helps me to see in greater depth how powerful the subconscious mind can be--how my own unidentified limitations can hold me back. I've found that through investing time in Antakrana, I can release feelings of "stuckness" and release old, buried emotions and beliefs. I use Antakrana whenever I feel stuck.  It's now the place for me to go and find my own answers. I love it!

What specific feature do you like best about Antakrana?

I like choosing the colors and the clothing pieces.  I have never done anything like this before...It provides me with a new way to access a very right-brained part of me. I love being able to tap into a different part of myself and have answers just surface. It is so incredible! Antakrana helps me understand that my logical side does not have all the answers. It helps me access my more intuitive side, listen to it, and understand it. It helps me to gain clarity and uncover limitations I didn't even know I was putting on myself.

Would you recommend Antakrana ? If so, why?

I recommend Antakrana wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to gain clarity and can remain open to powerful new ways of doing so.  Antrakrana is a small investment that will pay off big if you use it regularly.  I consider what Sandra has provided here to be a gift to the world.

Debra Payne, PhD, ACC,  Co-owner at Sedona SOULutions, LLC;   Co-author with Lynda Brown, PhD: Sedona SOULutions: Five Steps to Feel Better after Loss



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