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sandramoneymagnetexpert2"Right now you hold the secret key to make people desire to love you, to make clients want to hire you, and to attract anything you want in your life…and looks, intelligence or talent do not matter."

"So what IS the secret key to unlocking success in your life?"

You might be shocked. There is one key component in every human being that is HeadWithKey"built in" into their being that can either make or break their life. This is something you use every single day and in every single moment, but you may not even be aware of it's governing power in your life.

                         You might be thinking:

                        "Is it positive thinking?

                        "Is it working harder?

                        "Is it having more self confidence?"

The answer is…NO. Now let's be clear, positive thinking, working hard and having self-confidence can get you a long way in life, but at the HEART of all these things is something greater. Something that is the unified "magnet" that attracts either positive or negative things in your life.

So what is it? What is this secret key within us all? 

It's your EMOTIONS


Greg Braden, considered one of the most influential New Thought leaders in the world was once quoted as saying…"Our emotions directly influence our energy field which determines what we attract into our life."

He is absolutely correct. This "secret" has been known for centuries among some of the most influential people the world has ever known…from inventors, to political leaders, scientists and even actors.  Your emotions are at the core of your being. This powerful energy is like a magnet, attracting the positive or the negative. The real trick is learning how to CHANGE your emotions into the positive in order to attract what you want the most.

Instead of trying to "think positive"…go deeper. Start "feeling positive" instead and watch the magic happen in your life.  The majority of people try to get more clients, meet new friends or even new love interests by focusing on the external things like making the right contacts or steps. But what's more important to "attract" these things is to focus on how you feel about YOURSELF and YOUR LIFE…first.

HeartEnergyColors2Research has shown that the electromagnetic field of your heart is 100 TIMES more powerful than the electromagnetic field of your brain. This means that your feelings are 100 times more powerful than your thoughts in determining WHAT you attract into your life.

Your emotional "tone" or energy is the most critical key to your own personal success and happiness. It's in the driver's seat of your life and YOU are in charge of where it can take you!

...the next few minutes could change your life.

My name is Dr. Sandra Camacho…

For many years, my life was one struggle after another. Nothing ever went right. Nothing ever felt right. And worst of all, I personally felt like I was "not good enough".

The driving force behind my practice as a chiropractor and homeopathic doctor was helping people and creating more harmony in the world. But deep inside me, I felt inadequate as a person. I didn't believe I could help people heal in the way I felt like they truly needed. This feeling of inadequecy made me feel very awkward with my clients. I even felt guilty for charging them for my services. But I had to in order to make a living and survive. I had hit a plateau in life where I didn't feel good about myself or what I was doing.

But once I took a closer look at my life around me, I realized it was not life OUTSIDE of me that was causing all my unhappiness…

It was my inner emotions. They were sabotaging my relationships, my happiness, and actually driving the things I wanted in life AWAY from me. I had a lot of inner conflict with my emotions and I knew that I had to make a change. I had to become friends with my emotions, not enemies.

That's when I started the life-changing journey to heal my emotional mind… and that's when my life completely changed for the better. In three short years, I manifested a completely new life, full of healthy and loving relationships, an amazing new home, abundant confidence, financial prosperity, and even the luxury of international travel for fun.


I now know that what I've learned can help anyone in this life make amazing changes, on the emotional level, to outwardly effect everything in their own lives…

If you're currently feeling like "you're not worthy enough" for happiness, or feel that life is working against you instead of for you…or even desire to have new love, friends, more wealth and more…then I'm here to tell you this is ALL possible. I did it, now you can too.

These principles not only worked for me, but they've been proven to work for people of all types, backgrounds, situations and more. Everyone is human. If you have emotions (which I know you do!)…then what I'm about to show you can transform your life from the INSIDE-OUT.

You have ONE life to live. Why not make it a life full of abundance,
happiness and bliss from this day forward?

I want to personally introduce you to a new INTERACTIVE SYSTEM that will change your life in so many powerful ways that may seem "out of the blue". It's called:  

 Antakrana Personal Growth System (Value--Priceless)


This contains my ENTIRE PROCESS of how I achieved rapid personal growth and you can too.

                • RELEASE inner doubts and fears to help boost your inner "attractor factor" 

                • RADIATE healthy self-love to create amazing relationships that honor your needs

                • GAIN CLARITY to help you see new people, opportunities, and solutions

                • TRANSFORM fear into positive energy that magnetizes exactly what you want

                • IMPROVE your confidence, motivation, and inner drive to succeed              

                • And that's just the beginning!

I'll personally support and coach you during this entire process with group coaching sessions, email support, a private Facebook Group, and weekly inspirations and guidance to keep you on track. You'll have 24/7 access to the complete, step-by-step, Antakrana System when you need it. I'll also give you an online journal you can use to track your progress along the way!

  Group Coaching Q&A Call (Value $97)

This coaching/Q&A session will teach you how to unlock your emotional magnetism so you can create your fulfilling abundant lifestyle on auto-pilot.  You will learn:

               •  It's not the goal, it's the journey: the importance of regular practice

               •  Trusting your higher mind's guidance in creating just what you need and want

               •  Letting go of the need to "have it all figured out"

               •  Learn how to attune to your inner love and abundance radar

               •  PLUS --get all your questions answered about how to use the Antakrana system to increase your natural magnetism and effortlessly manifest your goals

  Private Facebook Group

You will be part of a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your experience, get support, and learn from me as well as from other students. I will be closely monitoring the group daily and answering any questions you may have.

   BONUS --  Laser Coaching Session  (Value $97) 

You will receive one 30-minute one-to-one laser coaching session with me, your Magnetism Mentor. In our time together we will work to identify and transform your biggest challenges, set new goals, and open to bigger and better possibilities.  I will personally show you how to use Antakrana system so you can get the best results possible.

Sometimes when people come to work with me and use my system their lives change in very surprising and delightful ways. Like my client Doris whose bed and bath design business had been in a slump for several months. Business had been so slow she was thinking of selling her business and throwing in the towel. Three weeks into the course, a woman she'd never met before walked into her showroom and placed a huge $100,000+ order!

Another of my students had given up on her beloved stand-up comedy career after being heckled at one of her performances. After using my system, she got her confidence and enthusiasm back for performing, and she started getting more bookings than she'd ever had before.

Carrie picturegreybkgd"I didn't want to pay the money, I didn't think it would make a difference, I didn't trust myself to use it regularly.  Really, I was just stopping myself from making progress. When I use it consistently I am more focused and productive. I am less likely to get distracted when working toward a goal. I find it to be a great business tool. I highly recommend the Antakrana system. It's like having a personal coach in your back pocket - ready whenever you need a boost. It's such a great way to clear away the negativity or "fog" that keeps you stuck in one place."--Carrie Todd, MFTDebra Payne

 "I get caught up in the idea that I don't have time to do things like this. I am always afraid of investing in something and then not using it. I've done that before and lost money. However, once I looked into this, I realized it doesn't take very much time at all. Plus, the time invested pays off immensely."--Deb Payne, PhD


"What's the Actual Investment to get Full Access to the Antakrana System?"

It's a lot less than you think.

If you could put a price tag on increasing the quality of your life, being able to find true love, amazing friends, more clients and prosperity…it would be very difficult to put a price tag on that. Happiness is truly priceless.

I'm sure if you could purchase all of this, you'd easily invest $1000 if not more with ease. It would be worth every single penny.

I know that the Antakrana System can truly transform your life, but I also know that you're more than likely also on a budget. This amazing system would normally sell for at least $297, but I want to give you access for much less…

In fact, how does $1 sound to you?

That's right, I'm willing to offer you COMPLETE ACCESS to this entire system for just $1 for 30 days. After this trial period, you will be billed only $29.97 per month. You can cancel anytime you want. There is no obligation at all, and no risk to you. 

lockblack3      RISK FREE ACCEPTANCE FORM      
Here's a quick summary of what you get when you sign up in the next few minutes:
When you sign up today for free, you'll be able to enjoy the entire system for 30 days.
This is what you'll get…
     •  30 days Membership to the Antakana Personal Growth System
     •  Live Monthly Group Coaching/Q & A  
     •  Free complimentary membership to my private Facebook group
     •  BONUS One on One individual Laser Coaching session

You get all the above for just $1 for 30 days. No risk, no obligation, no "hidden" strings. This offer is limited and I will be pulling it down soon so act fast!



I can't wait to help you make real, lasting SandraCirclepositive changes in your own life! This exact system worked miracles for me and my life, and I couldn't be happier. Once you learn how to make your emotions work "magnetically" for you, amazing things will start to happen.

Blessings, love, and abundance--





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