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5 Common Blocks That Stop Women From Wealth and Success: Tips to Break Through ThemBusinessWomanThoughts

Posted August 31, 2016

When I was first in private practice, I had this peculiar and embarassing hearing problem. It only occurred when a new client came in for the initial consultation. When I would ask the client my initial intake questions, I would have great difficulty hearing their answers.

I would strain and try to hyper-focus on their words hoping that would somehow “turn up the volume”. This rarely worked, and I would have to ask them several times to repeat their answers. The clients would look at me strangely like I was a deaf person in denial who sorely needed a hearing aid...



Align Your Emotions With Wealth Part 2: Releasing Unhealthy Money Patterns to Attract More AbundanceRollsofMoney

Posted August 9, 2016


Our unconscious beliefs and attitudes towards money have a tremendous impact on our quality of life. As our emotions drive 95% of our decisions and actions, it is important to have healthy attitudes towards our finances. As I mentioned in my last blog post, my parents grew up during the Depression.  Their memories of poverty and struggle created a constant fear of lack.  Even though our family had plenty of money, there were major conflicts around money between the two of them.  It was awful hearing them fight about it.  It was no wonder I grew up to have a classic Grade A case of money avoidance/aversion...





Inherited Blocks to Money and How to Overcome ThemGrowingMoneyScaled

Posted July 20, 2016


Both of my parents both grew up during the Great Depression.  My mother's family was so poor they could barely buy enough food to eat.  My mother had to work and give her paycheck to my grandmother so they would have enough money to buy food for her siblings.

My parents raised me with their beliefs about money that came from their experience growing up. Even though my father's business did quite well and we were solidly upper middle class, there was always fear around not having enough money. My parents  scream fests always revolved around money-not making enough, who's spending it, how it should be budgeted, etc. It seemed like money was something that created hatred and was to be avoided at all costs...    READ MORE


Is Cultural Programming Blocking Your Success?BrainBoxBlue

Posted March 13, 2016


Back in 2007 at the height of the great economic depression, finances were tight. Many of my clients began to tell me that they simply could no longer afford our one on one sessions. This dismayed me because I knew they needed my help and support but their finances simply would not allow it. It was either pay their rent or pay me and continue their sessions.

I was determined to find a way to make my services affordable for my clients while being able to earn a decent living myself.

With this in mind, I developed my interactive online energy healing system based on the auric field. The system uses the psychology of color to help the user identify their limiting beliefs and then dissolve the limiting belief with tapping, an energy healing method...



5 Ways to Stop Doubt From Blocking Your Clarity

DirectionManPosted February 5, 2016


Years ago in college I took analytical chemistry as part of my college curriculum. Analytical was rumored to be one of the toughest courses with an unusually high failure rate. What was bizarre was that for me it did not seem all that difficult once I got the hang of it. I understood the equations, could solve the problems in my home work assignments, and felt fairly confident about my level of mastery.

When I shared this with my fellow classmates they said to me ” Are you kidding? You can do the homework? Analytical is a bitch!” This really started to make me question myself. How could I understand this subject even when my other class mates didn’t–especially some of the guys who seemed to me to be really smart? It made me feel a bit strange and weird...



How to Stop Over-thinking From Blocking Your SuccessMindFlowFulfillmentEdited

Posted January 5, 2016


We recently had our bathroom painted. The funny thing is the painter took less time painting our whole bathroom than I did agonizing over the choice of wall color. It took 15 color swatches, and 3 trips back and forth to the paint store before I finally made up my mind. I finally realized I was over-thinking “the feng shui had to be perfect” and just went with the color that looked best.

Over-thinking is probably one of the biggest culprits blocking us from taking actions that achieve our goals. Here are four sneaky ways over-thinking can block your success and what to do about them...



How to Use Obstacles to Create More Success

DandelionAsphaltPosted November 19, 2015


One of life’s fundamental truths is that whenever we have a goal there will always be obstacles.

Viewing an obstacle as something that blocks you is not an empowering thought-–it is a power drain. Instead of seeing an obstacle as a block or an enemy to be dreaded, it is a powerful re-frame to view it as an opportunity. Here are seven ways ways you can tap into the power of obstacles to help you create more success.

1) Commitment: being faced with an obstacle can strengthen your ability to commit to what you want in the face of adversity. Mastering this one strength will benefit you for the rest of your life whenever you are faced with challenging circumstances. When we master the art of....



3 Common Blocks to SuccessBoulderBalloonscaled

Posted June 18, 2015


Do you sometimes feel like some part of you is blocking your success? Here are three common success blocks and how to overcome them.  1) Identity crisis/fear of success. What it is: an inner conflict that the person you are becoming may not be the "real you". Why it happens: your emotional or subconscious mind identifies your life situation, beliefs and behaviors as being "you". When there is an attempt to change any of these "identity characteristics" your emotional mind can start to work against you. 



SuccessFailurescaledHow to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Posted June 4, 2015

Recently a client of mine was musing about putting together one of her workshops. It would be on a topic she had not taught before, but was closely related to her area of expertise. "Why not?" I told her, "Go for it--it sounds great." She then went on to list all the reasons why it would be hard to do, might not work, etc. "What if not enough people sign up?", she asked.  “How do you know until you try?” I asked her, “What do you have to lose?”  I pointed out that she was talking herself out of the possibility of success. ..READ MORE



Are You Resisting Your Goals? 3 Keys to Acceptance and Achievement

Posted November 25, 2014


Nothing is more frustrating than a long-term life goal that seems to be ever elusive. Here are 3 inner “roadblocks” that might be keeping you stuck and some strategies to break through them. 1) The family inheritance What it is: Our family upbringing probably has the biggest influence on how we think and feel about ourselves than any other factor. Your role in the family can affect how you relate to power, authority, success, relationships, etc. READ MORE


Be Decisive–4 Ways to Cut Through Confusion Into Clarityheart brain balance scaled

Posted November 11, 2014


In our web era, unless you live off-the-grid and under a rock, you are being bombarded with information. Like the rest of us, you face the information overload challenges of our age in being able to tune into appropriate choices for ourselves. For virtually any problem, hundreds of “how-to” solutions are readily available at your fingertips for virtually any problem. But they can’t all be the best choice. Which one is right for you? Here are four ways to help transform your confusion into clarity.... READ MORE






3 Myths You Probably Didn't Know About Goal Achievement

Posted October 28, 2014


Myth #1:  You Need to Know the "How" Before You Can Achieve Anything

Why it's a myth:  As any inventor or creative person can tell you, there is often just the spark of an idea at the start of the creative process. The "how" is revealed through the creative process itself.   The reality is if you have 1)  clarity about what you really want and what is important to you  2) motivation to take action  and 3) confidence in yourself , you have all the necessary ingredients to begin achieving any goal.   As any creative person knows, the "how" is revealed to you as you take whatever  actions you are inspired to take.  It is all part of the process...READ MORE


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